Who cycles earlier, stays fit longer



To get children excited about cycling as early as possible, stays with them for a lifetime.

Cycling is good. We know that at woom of course, and that's why we have made it our goal to get as many children as possible discovering the joy of cycling. Because cycling brings a whole series of advantages:

  • Health
  • Creates common experiences that remembered
  • Cycling helps to make children independent



Previously, it was advised to do sports three times a week to stay fit. Of course, that does not hurt today, but it's now well documented that regular, moderate exercise also makes a big contribution to health. This contribution can be made by walking - or to travel daily by bicycle.


Anyone who gets used to cycling regularly as a child can benefit from it for a lifetime. Cycling increases strength, stamina and sense of balance, and those who actively move in the fresh air, instead of passively in the car, bus or subway, also strengthen their immune system.


Common experiences

Remember cycling is also fun! Regular exercise, like cycling, is good for our well-being and helps to focus on the positive side of life. This is even more true if the activities are carried out jointly. It is not the afternoons on the couch, but these shared experiences between parents and children that are remembered years later with joy. This does not only apply to the big outing in the leisure time - but also on the way to kindergarten, or to school can be a nice memory.


Cycling helps to make children independent

That moment when children pedal for the first time and drive off, children grow visibly and fill their parents with pride. At a certain age, when children are cycling alone, cycling also improves their mobility and brings them closer to destinations that would be  hard to reach without a bike. They can travel alone, and without help, to recreational facilities or friends, and become more independent.


Those who cycle regularly, especially outdoors, improve their sense of balance and coordination, and it can help to reduce the chance of a lot of diseases, from diabetes, and cancer, to cardiovascular diseases. And since you can demonstrably reduce stress when cycling, it also makes you happy - and this is true for both kids and their parents.

So nothing like getting out on the bike, preferably with the whole family! It’s definitely worth it …!