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From 1 November until 24 December 2019, buy a woom bicycle bell and give children in Zambia a chance at a better future.
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We firmly believe that bicycles can change lives.

That's why we are supporting World Bicycle Relief with our fundraising campaign Bells for a Better Life. World Bicycle Relief is a charity which provides people living in rural, developing regions with specially developed bicycles tailored to their specific needs. The organisation's "Buffalo Bikes" fundamentally change their owners' lives. We think this is a fantastic initiative and want to join forces with you to make a contribution.

Buy a BING Bell or VIENNA Bell and support the woom fundraising campaign.

Education gives children a way out of poverty.
Bikes give them a way to get to school.

Bicycles make it easier for children to complete the often very long journey school. That, in turn, raises their attendance, boosts their concentration and significantly improves their performance in school.
More girls are able to finish school. This sustainably breaks the cycle of poverty, because educated girls will use the money they earn to look after their families and also pay greater attention to their own children's education.

From 1 November until 24 December 2019, we will donate the entire net proceeds of all our bell sales to World Bicycle Relief.

Our donation will finance Buffalo Bikes for children, especially girls, in Zambia to bring them to their schools – often very far from home – and get them there faster, safer and less tired.

FAQ on the woom fundraising campaign

How did you come up with the idea for Bells for a Better Life?

woom has been around for six years now. They've been six exciting, eventful and turbulent years. During this time, the team has grown from a two-man show to a colourful patchwork of nearly 100 men and women working with us. Together, we've achieved a lot. And together we have big plans! With the year winding down, the whole team felt that this was an opportunity to give back a bit of our success. To join forces and make a difference. As a team and also with our customers.
We found out about World Bicycle Relief through friends and contacts in the bike business. We really liked the idea of giving people the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through their own efforts with a bicycle of their own. It is a hugely impressive initiative. That's why we came up with the idea of the Bells for a Better Life fundraising campaign to support the work of World Bicycle Relief and give Zambian children the chance to build a better future for themselves.

What exactly does World Bicycle Relief do?

World Bicycle Relief is a global aid organisation that provides people in rural, developing areas with specially designed bicycles to give them mobility and thus better access to education, healthcare and economic development. The "Buffalo Bikes" are tailored exactly to their needs, with an extra-robust and durable steel construction as well as a heavy-duty luggage rack for transporting goods and passengers weighing up to 100 kg plus the rider's own weight. The bikes are assembled on-site and World Bicycle Relief trains local bike mechanics to ensure the programme is sustainable. More information about World Bicycle Relief is available on their website: World Bicycle Relief.

Why doesn't woom just donate woom bikes to kids in Zambia?

The requirements for a bike in developing countries are fundamentally different from those of a good children's bike. The Buffalo Bicycles have been developed specifically for use in rural areas to cover long distances and transport heavy loads. Their robust steel construction makes them much, much heavier than woom bikes, but this is what helps them withstand the poor road conditions in developing countries, even when weighed down with heavy loads. Buffalo Bikes are also designed for easy maintenance and to enable repairs with locally available parts and standard tools.

How can I help?

We will donate the full net proceeds from every bell purchased in our online shop between 1 November and 24 December 2019 to World Bicycle Relief, regardless of whether it is purchased individually or together with other woom products. There are no additional costs to you – you buy, we donate!

How can I support the campaign if I don't need a bell?

If you already have enough bells for your bikes, you of course have the option of donating directly to World Bicycle Relief and give people living in rural areas of developing countries a chance at a better future. This link will take you to the donation page of the World Bicycle Relief website.

What exactly happens to all of the collected net proceeds?

At the end of the campaign we will announce the total amount of money raised and transfer it to World Bicycle Relief. Specifically, the funds will help to provide bicycles to children – especially girls – in Zambia as part of the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Programme (BEEP): 70% of the bikes will be given to girls. The bikes will enable girls and boys to get to school faster, safer and less tired. This means that girls, especially, will stay in secondary schools longer, and more will leave school with qualifications. In the long term, this will result in a decline in child marriages and the birth rate as well as reducing infant mortality and the number of mothers who die during childbirth.