Frequently asked questions

Orders and deliveries

How long does it take to get a woom bike?

We send out bikes in stock as soon as we've received payment. Delivery to Austria takes 1-3 working days and 3-5 working days within Europe.

The woom bike I want to order is not in stock. Whan can I do?

If the availability date for the bike you want is indicated, we recommend you reserve it even though its not currently available. The way this works is easy: if you want to buy a bike in July that isn't available until September, then you can transfer the money for it in advance. Then, as soon as your woom bike is in stock, it will immediately be sent.

woom bikes that are shown as “sold out” will not be available anytime soon and cannot be reserved.

How is my woom bike delivered?

We send your bike out almost completely assembled. In just a few quick steps, you can have your bike ready to ride! A pedal spanner and hex key are included to help you with the necessary steps. Brakes and gears have all been perfectly adjusted in advance.

Is it possible to pay for my woom bike with a credit card?

Yes! You can pay with PayPal, by credit card, SOFORT or bank transfer.

Why is the color “porky pink” not always available?

“Porky pink” is not part of the woom basic colors. Occasionally we offer special editions. Our Newsletter will keep you up-to-date!

Exchanges and reclamations

Who pays for shipping on reclamations?

We pay for shipping and promtly give you a refund – there are absolutely no costs involved for you.

What do I do if I have a technical problem after purchasing my woom bike?

We'll help you personally and as quickly as possible. Call us at +43 2243 23923 or send us an e-mail to We're sure to find a solution to the problem!

About the bike and riding it

My child is only a few centimeters smaller than the next biggest size. What should I do?

For every kid there is is a bike that fits perfectly. 5 cm makes a bigger difference with kids than with adults. Your child should have a stable stance and have everything under control; this is not possible if the bike is too big!

Behind the filter “Find the right bike” you can find our sophisticated sizing system. A bike model will be recommended after entering your child's measurements. If you're still unsure of which woom bike to choose, call us at +43 2243 23923 or send us an e-mail to!

Why does one of the wheels wobble even though the woom bike is totally new?

Don't worry! The tire casing on new bikes sometimes makes bikes slightly wobble; this is quite normal and will disappear after riding on it for a few kilometers.

The brakes on my new woom bike rub. What can I do?

There is a simple solution:

• On a new bike, the Bowden cable is still pretty tight; it will stretch by itself after applying the brakes a few times.

• If the brakes are too tight, you can easily loosen them by turning the adjustment barrel on the Bowden cable; this will release the tension and open up the brakes.

• If only one brake pad rubs, you can adjust the spring tension on the brake. A short video can help you: Video

This video shows you how to adjust brakes in detail: Video

Why don't woom bikes have a coaster brake?

A coaster brake has substantial disadvantages opposed to hand brakes. If, for example, your child gets stuck in a dangerous situation, braking with coaster brakes is only possible when the pedals are ligned up correctly; otherwise, the child will not be able to brake. Also, when launching, the pedals have to be at the correct angle so that your child can move forward without any problems.

It's important for us to have kids learn to use hand brakes with their first balance bikes and not have to get used to using them later. The earlier the little ones get a feel for hand brakes, the faster they will learn to use them precisely if they need to react in a serious situation.

For this purpose, we have designed special “small hand reach” brakes for the woom 1,2 and 3; they help tiny hands brake properly.

Our tester Nelly is 4 years old and 105 cm tall. She rides the woom 2 and can stop her bike problem-free.

Why aren't woom bikes available with training wheels?

A balance bike is a better than using training wheels; it helps kids to learn a sense of balance. Incorporating pedals at a later stage is then made a piece of cake. When accompanying your child on their first woom bike on a slightly sloping road, they will be able to ride alone within just a few minutes – guaranteed!

Why don't woom bikes have padding on the handlebars?

The true reason for this is that handlebar padding comes from BMX, and was more of a trend than real protection. Kids usually hit their knees on the stem; to prevent this, we've designed a special stem.

How can I best teach my kid to ride?

We recommend you to read the following explanations to help with learning to ride with woom bikes:
bikeboard - Kids aufs Bike!
woombikes - Radfahren


How does the upCYCLING system work?

Here you can find all the information you need on our upCYCLING process.

Do you have to purchase an upCYCLING membership at the same time you buy a woom bike?

You can purchase an upCYCLING membership at any time. If you purchase it without a bike: indicate the order number of the woom bike you want to register in the comment field.

What happens to the upCYCLING bikes?

upCYCLING bikes that are returned are inspected and maintained by our experienced staff to put back on the street. If you are interested in buying an upcycling bike, please contact Bojan (+43 2243 / 23 9 23 - 900) ore write an e-mail to