Returns or Exchanges


If you buy a product from us and you are not satisfied with it, you can have it sent back to us within the EU free of charge within 30 days even if it's already been used.
We'll exchange your bike for a different size or give you a full refund. Furthermore, we'll organize the return pick-up and cover the shipping costs.


Cancellation Policy
Our 30 day money-back guarantee or return slip are not required to bring our cancellation policy into effect and do not interfere with it in any way.


Do you want to return your woom bike?

  1. Fill out the return slip.
  2. Pack the woom bike and enclose the return slip.
  3. Attach the GLS shop return label you received with the bike and bring it to the nearest GLS shop.



All woom bikes are warranted for 2 years; this includes the frame and parts but does not cover damage due to an accident. Send us a photo of the damage and we'll help you out as quickly and as easily as possible.
Use the return slip provided on our website to return your woom bike. You can find wear and tear replacement parts like grips and pedals on our website under accessories.