Before actually practicing, it's worth explaining to your curious child how pedaling works; this makes everything much easier! When children are used to a balance bike, pedaling is a piece of cake. Oopses are allowed – make sure the kids where a helmet and riding gloves.
    Tip 1: Simply give a demonstration for a quick understanding on how the cranks move the back wheel! Just pick up the bike, turn the pedals as fast as possible and then stop with the brakes. Tip 2: The saddle height should be set so that the child can reach the ground with both legs; their heals should be slightly in the air when sitting. Tip 3: For the first test ride, gently hold onto the child's shoulders or saddle. Please do not use training wheels; the balance will come on its own with a little speed.
Now the moment is almost here! Even if a little support helps, it's important that the kids feel the propulsion themselves.
    Tip 1: As soon as kids can pedal themselves, helping hands can let go for longer and the little ones can ride alone step by step. Tip 2: It's ideal to practice on a sloping incline where there is enough space and no obstacles like curbs.
For the first few meters, it's always important to run next to the child to gently hold the bike for support or to prevent an accident. The child should be able to try the brakes themselves after a few attempts.
    Tip 1: Kids are inclined to brake with their feet. The green brake lever helps the child playfully choose the correct brake, so this should be implemented as soon as possible. They should first brake and then place their feet on the ground – that's the rule.
The last step to becoming independent and setting off on an adventure on two-wheels: riding on their own. With a few small steps, this is easy to learn!
    Tip 1: Every child has a dominant leg which is the leg that they should use to push off with on the pedal at around 1 o'clock. They should sit, turn the pedal in the right position, put their foot on it, push into the pedal and then push off the ground with the other leg. Tip 2: Alternatively, a child can propel like they learned on a balance bike. Simply get the bike rolling and place the feet on the pedals when the appropriate speed is reached.


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