With the balance bike between their legs and hands on the handlebars, kids can start to practice the first “balance bike steps.” Kids learn best by imitating. The best way to do this is by taking the new balance bike to a park where other kids are zooming around!
    Tip 1: Set the saddle height correctly by having the child stand with both feet flat on the ground. There should be 3-5 cm of space between the saddle and child's bottom. Tip 2: To start off, an adult can hold the child's shoulders until the child has enough stability to handle the balance bike alone.
Now the steps are getting bigger. After learning to scoot, it's time to finally glide! After just a little practice, it's even easy for a child to proudly put their legs up in the air!
    Tip 1: As soon your child glides more than scoots with the balance bike, you can move the saddle upwards in small increments.
It's easiest to learn braking on the balance bike because it can be practiced with both feet flat on the ground. The brake on the woom balance bike teaches kids how to brake correctly; this fulflils - along with the sense of balance - all requirements kids need to get pedaling on their first pedal bike!
    Tip 1: Braking can be demonstrated while lifting the balance bike in the air. This way, kids see how the back wheel stops when pulling on the brake lever; the brake brake lever is easy and safe for them to use!




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