woom loves bikes.
And woom understands kids!


We are woom. Christian Bezdeka, Marcus Ihlenfeld and our team. We love bikes and making children happy. It all began by searching for the perfect bike for our own kids: we wanted to know what makes the best kids' bike and wanted to build bikes that inspire both kids and their parents.


Crafted with passion. What followed were six incredible and challenging years confronting the world of kids' bikes through constant questioning, experimenting and modifying things directly on the bike. The result of which we're proud of: six woom bikes for kids between the ages of one and a half and fourteen. And we still have a lot more ahead of us!




Individual and ultralight. When it comes to the needs of our kids, we're commited. 85% of our bike parts are individually designed and produced exclusively for woom, customized to fit the needs of small anatomies.


Weight is also a deciding factor when it comes to having fun on the bike. Through our steady development work, we have succeeded in building woom bikes 40% lighter than standard kids' bikes, thus making one of the lightest kids' bike!

"We want as many children as possible loving to ride their bike - that is our mission."

Marcus Ihlenfeld
Founder of woom


Faster learning. When kids feel comfortable on a bike, they ride with more enthusiasm. The best proof: kids independently learn to ride up to 30% faster on our bikes.


Experience adventure. Being able to explore the world on their own is a blast for kids. We ensure smooth riding through excellent handling and ergonomics, enabling the little ones to ride with ease and return home safely.


Well calculated. Even if we passionately design the best bike with the best quality, we pay close attention to the price. woom bikes are affordable for everyone because pricewise, they are equivalent to good standard kids' bikes.



das Superleichte
Reasonable Shipping Costs
We offer shipping all throughout Europe for €10. If you only order accessories, shipping costs €5.
das Durchdachte
Quick delivery
We ship within 24 hours after payment has been received. Your bike will be delivered to your door within 1-4 working days.
das Passende
30 day money-back guarantee
Take some time to test your bike. You can return your bike within 30 days and we'll cover all of the shipping costs.
Unpack and setup
With just a few easy steps your bike will be ready to ride. Get tips in our videos on setting up.
garantierte Qualität
Personal service
We guarantee personal support when you buy a woom bike – satisfaction guaranteed!
Climate protection
We are partners of the klimaaktiv mobil project to help the environment by obliging to use ressources efficiently.